Welcome to From Little Things! – Festival on Sat 16th Nov. 2019
From Little Things is a Not For Profit Music Festival. Our efforts & our profits go to delivering a better future for our kids. This year proceeds will go to Beechworth Kindergarten and the Beechworth Community Childcare Centre. In the future we hope to spread the love and $ further!

This Project began late in 2018, when Jack and his family were getting ready for a festival. “It was Spring time, the sun was shining, everything was green and I was excited to be getting ready to go to a music festival, and so were my kids!

I started dreaming… skip forward a month or two and I was at a meeting for the Beechworth Kindergarten when the question was asked “what are we going to do about fundraising next year?”
The Cogs in my head start turning…..
Let’s put on the best little family friendly festival in the WORLD! At least let’s put on a bloody good one and see where it goes

This Festival was dreamed up by Jack Nelson and brainstormed with friends over coffee and other bevies over the next few months. It is now being realised by a committed group of locals, all volunteering to help bring on the good times! The town of Beechworth and surrounding area has been extremely encouraging with individuals and businesses all offering their assistance generously!