Two local talents, that by themselves would create the perfect vibe for a spring afternoon in a shady corner of Beechworth. Together their sounds will meld and and melt in harmony.

Born and bred in the historic gold-mining town of Beechworth in North-east Victoria, Liv Cartledge is a rare find. Her husky tones, soul-filled lyrics and warm melodies married with a voice one can only assume comes from her toes, Liv will draw you in and leave you wondering how you got there.

With each song telling a different story of people she’s met, places she’s been, thoughts and dreams she’s had, Liv’s songwriting will tug at your heart strings and leave you begging for more.

Country Folk Singer Songwriter, Benny is from the hills of North East Victoria, Loves a secret garden session and the occasional festival appearance. Benny’s songs tell his story and its a story of life in the North East.