Knights in white linen. Seamen without a cause. A pink dream on the shores of a sultry Caribbean isle – the horn-blaring, junk-percussion-smashing ‘trop-pop’ quintet better known as Mighty Duke & The Lords has been labelled many things since it kicked off its tropical party revolution eight years ago.

Adorned by stage-décor of flamingos, rum-bottles and beach balls, MD&TL has established itself as a bona fide festival favourite with signature ‘trop-pop’ style – a peppery brew of afrobeat, cumbia, Miami disco, and stringband beach jams.

Cheeky lyrics, wild rhythms and belting horns combine to turn the danceflooor into a monsoonal sweat-storm taking the party to the next level – up where the fancy rums are hidden. Comprising members of Melbourne Ska Orchestra, NO ZU, The Lucksmiths and The Suitcase Royale, Mighty Duke & The Lords put on a show that’s guaranteed to gyrate even the most stubborn of hips.