Patrick Lionel is a Melbourne based singer songwriter. His debut track ‘Forgive Yourself’ has been described by Music Author Ian Marks as ‘perfection’.

“In today’s arid desert of a music world, where so much is synthesized, sanitised, auto-tuned and pre-programmed, this recording is nothing short of a sonic oasis! The musical equivalent of a drink of pure crystal water when you’ve been walking around in a sandstorm for days.. From the compelling opening lyric (and THAT voice) to the sparse, expertly played acoustic guitar, and those warm, warm strings ‘Forgive Yourself’ has heart, it has intelligence, it has musicality and it has space, breath and breadth. It will both break your heart and fill your heart. In a world of seemingly nothing but noise and clutter, this song proves that there is still a place for quiet beauty. One of the most astonishing debut recordings I have ever heard. My congratulations go out Patrick Lionel and his production team for this record. It is perfection.”